Frozen Pipes in Alabaster, Alabama


Frozen pipes can be anything from a nuisance to a major plumbing emergency. Prevention is always the best answer. Insulate your pipes and protect them from extreme cold. If you know your pipes are prone to freezing at a certain temperature, let water drip when those temperatures are expected.

If in spite of your best preparations some of your pipes freeze, then take the following steps:

  • Determine if the frozen pipe is visible, reachable or hidden in a wall
  • Is any water flowing at all?
  • Slowly warm visible pipes with a hair dryer, heat lamp, warm cloths, or heating pad designed especially for pipes.
  • If the culprit is hidden, try warming the wall. Be careful of starting a fire though.
  • Continue the measures until water flows freely.

Frozen water expands and can easily crack or break plastic pipes. As the saying goes – Prior planning prevents poor performance. But in case you were caught off guard, give Superior Plumbing Inc. a call. We can inspect an repair your pipes plus suggest actions to prevent future freezing. In Alabaster, Al, call us at (205) 621-4141.

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