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Water Filters

Most people are familiar with the faucet mounted water filters. A point-of-entry filtration system filters the water where it enters the house water. All the water entering the house is filtered.

There are many different kinds of water filtration system with prices from $100 to $5000.

The more sophisticated the filter, the more expensive the filtration system. An inexpensive filter may only remove sediment.


On the top end, filters can remove:

  • Sediment, rust, sand, silt
  • Chlorine
  • Industrial chemical, pesticides, nitrates

Depending on the area and your water quality, filtered water:

  • Can improve the taste of water
  • Is beneficial for the water using appliances
  • Leaves hair and skin feeling softer

Your local water authority should be able to supply you with an analysis of their water system.

We would be glad to discuss your water quality and which system would be best for your home’s needs. Call Superior Plumbing (205) 621-4141.

Water Conditioner

Hard water has minerals like calcium and magnesium. Rainwater is pure and soft but picks up native minerals as it filters through the ground. Although these minerals may be beneficial to the body, they are rough on appliances. Hard water can cause spots on dishes, dingy clothes, and film on sinks, tubs, and shower curtains. Mineral deposits cause appliances to work less efficiently and wear out sooner.

A water softening system will increase the life of appliances and save energy. You will use less detergent, soap, and shampoo. Less water is needed for rinsing.

If hard water is a problem for you, Call Superior Plumbing to get a quote for installing a water conditioning system for your home. Call (205) 621-4141.

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