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Laundry Room Plumbing Repairs

Due to the water pressure, it is common for leaks to occur in the washing machine hoses. In fact, some washing machine manufacturers recommend turning off the water to the machines when not in use. If a hose breaks or blows, flooding may result. Superior Plumbing can assess your water pressure, condition of your hoses. We will advise you and take the steps needed.

Plumbing fixtures and sink in laundry room

Superior Plumbing and Drain recently installed new plumbing fixtures and sink in the customer's laundry room in Homewood, Al.

With our unpredictable Alabaster, Alabama weather, many people want reliable gas whenever possible. We can run your gas lines and vents for you gas dryer. Safety is our utmost concern.

Our plumbing professionals will assess the scope of work necessary before any work begins. We will give you our honest and expert advice on the steps needed. The work and materials used will be to code. Call Superior Plumbing Inc. (205) 621-4141.

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