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Installing a sump pump in Homewood, al

Written by: Robert Polk, Master Plumber

Superior Plumbing and Drain has a long term expertise in installing and replacing a sump pumps in Homewood, Al.

Sump pump are important if your house is located in area with high water table. An electric sump pump pumps water from the pit outside into designated area. An electric sump pump will help your basement to stay dry.

Here is a few steps how Superior Plumbing installed a sump pump at customer's house in Homewood, Al.

  • Found a right place to place a sump pump in the customer's basement - we placed the sump pump close to the basement wall. The sump pump's discharge exits the basement.
  • Removed part of the concrete hole and digged the sump pump hole.
  • Installed a sump pump liner into the hole, including gravel below and around it.
  • Concreted the floor around the liner
  • Placed and plumbed the sump pump.
  • Tested the sump pump if it worked properly.

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